Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Pillows for the Master Bedroom - I'm in LOVE!

I was feeling a little lack luster about our bedroom - it wasn't really coming together like I wanted UNTIL my new pillows from Motif Pillows arrived and I found a Juju hat at Home Goods last week! YES, at Home Goods, it was $150 if you want to keep an eye out for yourself!

I'm definitely on the right track now! Schumacher Betwixt - is always a favorite! It adds the perfect small scale pattern (with a little texture) that pairs well with so many other prints - including this GORGEOUS print from Eskayel (I'm obsessed!!) I don't see it in their shop currently, but send them a message (contact button on right of top of page) and they'll make one for you!

I couldn't find my wide angle lens - so I'll be sure to share some wider shots once it shows up. Confession - things are misplaced all over the house from moving stuff out to refinish the floors and my swollen pregnant feet are tired of walking up and down the steps :) Also, can't find the hardware for our campaign dresser in the nursery - I've been using a screw driver to open the drawers .. 

Thanks so much to Motif Pillows for providing the pillows! As always, I only share products and brands that I have had a good experience with. Their craftsmanship and selection is amazing (and they are great people too - such a pleasure to work with!) I frequently use them for projects in my day job!

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  1. I love them and I am 100% obsessed with the lumbar pillow.


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